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What do our Anti-Social Behaviour team really do?

08 December 2023

The way we deal with anti-social behavior is 'support' before 'enforcement' - that means we find ways to support you with a problem first, before considering any other action.


We've been cleaning!

08 December 2023

Staff went to Disley at the end of November with the sole goal to spruce up Crabtree Court.


We're listening

07 December 2023

Our customer service line has been improved and will be live from the 8th December


Safeguarding - playing our part

21 November 2023

When a staff member at the Trust became concerned about one of our customers, we were able to provide key support in moving towards a resolution.


Looking back at 2022-23

24 October 2023

Our Annual Review for 2022-23 is here. Grab a brew and take a read - there's tonnes of easy-to-read information about our performance, neighbourhood plans and everything inbetween.


Your autumn newsletter is live!

25 September 2023

This autumn, we have a 'safety' special edition - asking real questions about how you're looking after yourself and where you live in the upcoming colder months. It's important information for you and your family, so tune on in.


2023 Green Fingers Gardening Competition winners 🌼

22 September 2023

The results are in. Thanks to your entries, we've awarded gardening vouchers the best gardens, tubs, baskets and green spaces in this year's competition. There was stiff competition but, after some difficult decisions, we've found our winners.


E-scooters: what you need to know

21 September 2023

E-scooters can be a real fire hazard. This is how you can keep yourself safe when you own, store or charge one.

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