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Our Service Standard - Repairs and maintenance

Our Service Standard covers repairs and maintenance of your home. It makes it clear what our responsibilities are and what you can expect from us. Click on each page to find out more about our Repairs and Maintenance Service Standard.

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Emergency repairs

These repairs need to be done to avoid serious danger to health and safety or extensive damage to buildings and property.

What to do if you have an emergency repair

Outstanding and rechargeable repairs

Remember, you can check your outstanding repairs on My Account, log in today.

Outstanding and rechargeable repairs

Your responsibilities

Find out what your responsibilities are when it comes to repairs.

Your responsibilities

Our responsibilities

Find out what our responsibilities are when it comes to repairs in your home.

Our responsibilities

A little extra help at home

If you have a repair, we are here to help. Just get in touch. But sometimes we all need an extra helping hand - such as a handyperson for those small jobs around the home - the ones that aren't covered by your tenancy agreement.

Here are some suggestions

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