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Fancy having more storage? Maybe we can help. Check out our garage vacancies today.

Every Tuesday, we update this page with the latest garages available to rent. We will close bidding on the following Tuesday and will start to contact successful applicants.

You can only bid on two garages in one bidding cycle and only one bid per garage will be accepted.

Priority for allocating garages will be given in the following order:

Top Priority Trust tenant without garage tenancy
Medium Priority Trust tenant with garage tenancy
Low priority Non Trust tenancy (including leaseholders)


If you are one of our tenants you must have:

  • A clear rent account at the time of allocation
  • No outstanding former tenancy arrears.

(When you apply we will also take into account the start date of your tenancy and the date of your application.)

Garage rents

Yes, from April 2023 the following weekly rents will apply to our garages and motorbike stores:

Tenant charges

(If you also rent your home from us.)

  • Motorcycle store £2.13 a week
  • Small garage £6.89 a week
  • Standard garage £ 11.05 a week

Non-tenant charges

(If you do not rent your home from us.)

  • Motorcycle store £3.33 + £0.67 VAT = £4.00
  • Small garage £8.33 + £1.67 VAT = £10.00
  • Standard garage £12.50 + £2.50 VAT = £15.00

If you wish to apply for a Trust garage, please select a garage from the list below and complete the application form.

Sometimes, there won't be any garages available. If that's the case, you won't be able to choose a garage in the drop down box below. 

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