Emergency repairs

These repairs need to be done to avoid serious danger to health and safety or extensive damage to buildings and property.

Emergency contact details

24 hour urgent repairs / emergency support

0800 012 1311

Do you smell gas? Call Cadent

0800 111 999

When you report a repair, we’ll find out what the problem is and determine how much of a priority it is. If your repair is classed as an emergency, we will come out to you within four hours.

This depends on what the repair is and on your circumstances, for example if your household includes elderly, vulnerable or disabled people, or infants under three years old.

Examples of emergency repairs are:

  • Gas leak / carbon monoxide
  • Security risk (smashed window, door not locking, you are locked out)
  • The only toilet in the household is blocked
  • Unsafe electrical sockets or fittings (including sparking)
  • Uncontainable leak
  • No heating or hot water -1st November to 6th April (outside of this period is classed as a routine repair with up to 28 days to complete due to it being a warmer season)

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