Improving our services

We've been improving our out of hours service with Orbis

We understand you're busy, so we've been working with Orbis - our out of hours call line - to make things easier.

So what's changed?

Orbis have now introduced something called 'queued callback', which means you no longer have to wait on hold. Queued callback will allow you to 'opt out' of the queue and instead be called back when an agent becomes available. You will not lose your position in the queue.

How it works

Queued callback works by

  • Allowing callers to opt out of the queue and be called back as soon as an agent becomes available. 
  • It will detect your phone number or will allow you to input a preferred callback number before you exit the queue. 
  • Your position in the queue will not be lost.

Got an emergency?

Emergency contact details - 0800 012 1311

Want to have your say?

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