Outstanding and rechargeable repairs

Remember, you can check your outstanding repairs on My Account, log in today.

Outstanding repairs

You can check up on any outstanding repairs that you have reported by logging on to My Account.

Rechargeable repairs

You must repair any damage to the property and our fittings, or to any common parts, caused by you or any member of your household or a visitor (fair wear and tear accepted).

If you do not, you must repay any costs reasonably incurred in repairing the damage or the cost of items replaced as a result of such damage.

You (or anyone living with you or visiting your home) mustn’t damage, deface or graffiti on our property. You will be charged for the cost of fixing any damage caused.

If you make any additions, alterations or improvements to your property or any garden area without our written permission, we may ask you to put the property back into its original condition.

Find out who’s responsible for what repair here:

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