Our responsibilities

Find out what our responsibilities are when it comes to repairs in your home.

We will maintain and repair any damage to the structure and exterior of your property, including:

  • Drains, gutters and external pipes
  • The roof
  • Outside walls, outside doors, windowsills, window catches, sash cords and window frames
  • Internal walls, floors and ceilings, doors and door frames, door hinges and skirting boards - not including internal painting and decoration
  • Chimneys, chimney stacks and flues - not including sweeping
  • Pathways, steps or other means of access
  • Major plasterwork
  • Integral garages and stores provided by us
  • Boundary walls and fences

Repair of installations

We will repair and maintain any installation provided by us for space heating, water heating and sanitation and for the supply of water, gas and electricity, including:

  • Basins, sinks, baths, toilets, flushing systems and water pipes
  • Electric wiring including sockets and switchesm gas and water pipes
  • Water heaters, fireplaces, fitted fires and central heating installations

Cyclical maintenance

Cyclical maintenance is the name we give to the work we carry out every seven years to your home. Once every seven years we will paint the exterior of your home and carry out pre-painting repairs. This prevents your home from deteriorating, and makes sure it's suitable and safe to live in.

Repair of common parts

We will keep the following in a reasonable condition: common entrance, halls, stairways, lifts, passageways, rubbish chutes and any other common parts, including electric lighting.

We'll do what we reasonably can to keep any lifts and other shared facilities working properly. You should tell us quickly about anything that needs to be repaired or maintained in the property or communal areas.

If we need to carry out major repairs that require you to move out of your home, we may offer you temporary or alternative accommodation. If this is the case, you must move back into your original property when those repair works are completed or at any time which has been agreed between you and us.

Communal repairs

Charges for communal repairs might vary quite extensively by the amount of alterations and repairs which are made during each quarter.

We now book our communal repairs online, log in today to book and track your communal repair through My Account.


Cancelled repairs

If a repair is cancelled you need to rebook that job.

When to rebook:

  • If you have cancelled a repair.
  • If you were not at home and we couldn't get in to do the work. If this happens we will do our best to let you know that we did turn up.