Meet the Support and Enforcement Team

The Support and Enforcement team has 9 members, all working hard to help you maintain your tenancy and keep your neighbourhood a safe, pleasant place to live.

Meet Kirsty, Support and Enforcement Administrator

Kirsty is most likely your first point of contact when you report anti-social behaviour online. Here's what happens when she receives your enquiry.

Meet Abi, Lead Community Resolution Officer

Our Support and Enforcement team work tirelessly to keep our communities as positive places to live. Take a look at what Abi does in her role.

Meet Lyn, Community Resolution and Support Officer

Lyn works in our sheltered schemes and also alongside Abi, Sue and Lucy as a Community Resolution Officer. Here's the impact that Lyn makes in her role.

Meet Sue, Community Resolution Officer

Sue is key member of our Support and Enforcement Team, who works hard to keep you safe in your home.

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