Peaks & Plains show zero tolerance to hate crime

Alongside Cheshire police, we've been tackling hate crime in the midst of the pandemic. Now, one of our customers can finally live in peace.

A customer let us know that they were experiencing serious homophobic abuse from a neighbour.

After reporting this to the police, the neighbour was arrested and the Trust made an emergency application for an injunction to the courts. This means that any future harassment of our customer would be a criminal offence.

Since the perpetrator denied that the abuse had happened, the issue was going to be brought in front of judge. Then, Covid-19 hit and all court hearings were postponed during lockdown - including our criminal hearing. 

Over the next year, our customer continued to suffer from antisocial behaviour (ASB) caused by the same neighbour.

Nevertheless, our customer was extremely strong, resilient and continued to provide us with evidence of ASB. We supported the customers with frequent calls and visits to keep them updated.

Earlier this year, the criminal hearing finally took place. The perpetrator pleaded guilty to assault and using homophobic hate language.

The judgement meant that we could seek to end the perpetrator's tenancy. With advice from his own solicitor, the neighbour ended his own tenancy with us. 

The legal process was long and drawn out because of Covid-19 and the perpetrator's own behaviour. Now though, we are delighted that our customer can live in their home free from the fear of this kind of behaviour. We could not have achieved this without the resilience and willingness of the witnesses to stand up against hate.

The Trust will not tolerate hate crime in. Where we encounter it, we will work with the Police and take robust action to address it. 

Need support?

Get in touch with us if you've experienced or spotted a hate incident. 

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