Meet Abi, our Lead Community Resolution Officer

We're spotlighting our Support and Enforcement Team, whose 9 talented team members work hard to make sure you can live peacefully at home. In this blog, we meet Abi - the Trust's Lead Community Resolution Officer.

Anti-social behaviour (also known as ASB) refers to a wide range of unacceptable behaviour in the community. It can include things like neighbour disputes, arson, noise, assault, hate crime. You can find out more about ASB and how to report it to the Trust here.

Our Support and Enforcement team work tirelessly to keep our communities as positive places to live - here's what Abi does and what she loves about her role.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Abi, I am the Lead Community Resolution Officer in the Support and Enforcement Team.

My role is to manage the high level and complex ASB, domestic abuse and safeguarding cases. This means I'm mainly preparing the cases and representing the Trust at court in proceedings.

What's your favourite thing about your role?

Seeing justice being done and the change in a community when we manage to resolve cases.

How did you start working in this sector? Was there anything that made you want to work with our communities?

I studied Crime, Deviance and Sociology at University and joined the prison service when I graduated. I had a naïve aspiration that I could change the lives of those that had gone down the wrong path and ended up in prison.

It didn’t take long to realise that the system wasn’t set up that way and that I would probably make more of a difference working in communities affected by ASB and domestic abuse.

Tell me about a day at work that you’re really proud of 

Bit of a question dodge here, but I feel more proud of our witnesses and survivors than I do of my work. To take a stand against ASB and domestic abuse takes a lot of courage. I once took 2 lady pensioners in their 70’s to court as witnesses against a violent drug dealer who lived next door to them. They had to go home every night and live next to this fella who knew that they were trying to get him evicted for dealing and cultivating cannabis at the property. They never faltered once. Their view was that, this was their home and they were going to claim it back. Their evidence was instrumental in securing the possession order at court and ultimately getting the perpetrator evicted. I remember after the case, taking one of the ladies a bouquet of flowers to say thank you. She started screaming at me to get them out of her flat. She had a phobia of flowers it seems. It’s called anthophobia. Oops.


What do you do in your spare time? 

I love travelling. I try to go abroad as much as I can, particularly South East Asia or any other country where their culture is very different to the western culture. I find it fascinating.

I take a lot of entertaining to keep me amused, so I have quite an active social life. Going to festivals, music gigs (just got Eurovision tickets!!!) or doing just random activities like the Cube in Manchester or walking alpaca’s. Or just spending time with my best mate Stewie (my cocker spaniel).


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