Our Grounds Maintenance proposal - what do you think?

We've sent you a letter about grounds maintenance. It's nothing to worry about - we're just proposing that a new company looks after the green spaces in your neighbourhoods. Help us hire the right people to get the job done.

You don't need to do anything

This January, we've sent out a letter. It talks about about our:

  • Notice of Proposal to enter into Qualifying Long Term Agreement
  • Service Charges (Consultation Requirements) (England) Regulations 2003
  • Section 20 Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (as amended)

Despite the formal words, it's just an invite to have your say on how we do grounds maintenance, if you want to, because we've found a new company to carry out the service for us.

We sent out a letter last September too, which was our 'Notice of Intention' to find a new grounds maintenance contractor. Now we've got proposals for the service.

How we've listened to your feedback so far

After we sent out a 'Notice of Intention' to appoint a new contractor for grounds maintenance, you told us your concerns. This is how we've considered your feedback.

  • You told us your concerns about the quality of the current service. We based our proposal for the new contractor on your complaints and concerns.
  • You weren't sure what areas would be covered by the new contract. We confirmed that the new contract will only cover areas we already maintain. 
  • You wanted us to consider local businesses. We have proposed ANSA, who are based in Cheshire East.
  • You suggested that we use more, smaller contracts rather than one big contract. We explained that we use one contract because it's better value for money; it means we spend less money on managing the contracts and we can make sure there's consistency between areas.
  • You wanted to know what this would cost our customers. The scope of our grounds maintenance will be the same - such as grass cutting and hedge maintenance in areas that are already our responsibility. However, we're changing the process from collecting cut grass to leaving cut grass on our verges. The cost is explained to customers in their service charges.


Notice of Proposal

Not sure what we mean? Here's a copy of the letter.

Our Shortlist

We use a framework to make sure that the Trust gets value for money from its contractors - so, as part of this framework, we asked quotes from 3 contractors for our grounds maintenance service. We benchmarked prices to be between £287,206 and £324,506.

ANSA Environmental Services Ltd, based in Middlewich, priced the service at £271,700. We want to enter a contract with ANSA, the lowest priced contractor - and we want your feedback on this.

We believe that the proposed price from ANSA Environmental Services demonstrates good value for money for Peaks & Plains, as it is below the benchmarked rates, however it is not considerably lower to the point of being unrealistic.


- Everything FM, the framework we use to make sure the Trust gets value for money


What does the 'grounds maintenance' contract cover?

Depending on where you live, we may look after the green spaces in your neighbourhood. This covers things cutting grass, pruning shrubs, caring for trees and spraying weeds.

Any prices provided by contractors were based on the same specification for all works, including cutting the grass. All prices were for a cut and drop service.

Our proposal is that ANSA Environmental Services Ltd carry out these jobs.
We don't own all the green spaces where you live. There might be parks, grass verges, or communal lawns owned by other organisations, like Cheshire East Council or an alternative management company for example. It's also important that you understand what we do and don't do - we're very clear about what tasks our contractors carry out and what is your or another organisation's responsibility.


Your views on our proposal to use ANSA Environmental Services

Tell us what you think of our proposal for ANSA Environmental Services Ltd to carry out our grounds maintenance work.

We need to know your feedback by 5pm on 26th February 2024.

Your comment

Have your say on our green spaces - regularly

Our Grounds Maintenance Residents Group take a look at our green spaces regularly, challenging us at the Trust and making sure we manage these areas in an effective, efficient and consistent manner. We want to make sure that you can live  in a safe and pleasant environment and this group helps us do just that. Why not join in?

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