Our responsibilities

It’s our responsibility to make sure that the Trust owned grounds maintenance areas are kept as they should and ensure the grass, hedges, shrubs and pathways are kept neat and tidy.

We’re responsible for cutting Trust owned communal grass during the April – October season, carrying out shrub and hedge cuts to Trust owned areas outside of the bird nesting season, and managing non-native invasive weeds in communal areas.

We believe that attractive neighbourhoods add to the sense of pride you have in your community and that the environment contributes to your quality of life.

To help us achieve this, our grounds maintenance service, provided by our carefully selected contractor Idverde Ltd, maintains our green spaces by:

  • Cutting grass (see below)

  • Pruning shrubs, bushes and maintaining borders twice a year

  • Cutting hedges twice a year

  • Maintaining trees (all our trees in communal areas have been surveyed and tagged with an ID tag, which we use to monitor trees and carry out maintenance)

  • Lawn edgings twice a year

  • Weed spraying (spot spraying)

We have a plan in place to make sure that grass is kept in good condition during the cutting season.

Cutting usually take place between March and October, but this will depend on the weather.

The grass in shared areas will be cut between 8-16 times per year. The frequency depends on the type of grassy area.

Unfortunately bad weather sometimes affects the work that our grounds maintenance contractor can do. If it’s raining they will still cut the grass.

But in extreme weather the machines might damage the grass or lift mud to the surface, which might mean we’re not able to finish the job or the job won’t look as great as it would in dry conditions.

If you aren’t happy with the condition the grass is left in please contact the Trust.

The standard of our contractor's work is monitored by our Estate Services Team and Idverde UK management when they carry out their inspections. Customer feedback is also welcomed and provides a great deal of information regarding the Performance of our Grounds Maintenance Contractor.

Your Council's responsibilities

Cheshire East maintain the grounds in parks, play areas and open spaces. They also have responsibility for roads and pavements.

CEC Grounds maintenance

CEC Road and pavements 

Cheshire West and Chester maintains the grass and grounds in all public areas, such as verges, parks and play areas. 

High Peak Council is responsible for looking after parks and open spaces. They also care for the grass on roadside verges on behalf of Derbyshire County Council.

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