Grasscycling - a greener approach to grounds maintenance

Our new grounds maintenance contractors are spearheading our new 'cut and drop' approach to grass cutting, known as 'grasscycling'. Take a look at what's involved - and why we're leaving the grass we cut behind.

'Cut and drop' is what it says on the tin: we're cutting the grass and dropping it on the ground, leaving it behind. We'll still blow it away from your property and make sure pathways are clear, but cut grass will stay on your local green spaces rather than being taken away. This is because leaving the grass behind:

  • encourages healthier grass since the nutrients are released back into the soil
  • creates a natural fertiliser
  • helps the soil retain water
  • cuts down on landfill/leaves more space available to compost
  • saves energy since we're not taking the cuttings the landfill/composting sites, which in turn reduces our carbon footprint

It's also more expensive to collect the cuttings - it needs more equipment, more labour, more costs to dispose of the cuttings, and more time. 


Grounds maintenance responsibilities

Join our Grounds Maintenance Residents Group (GMRG)

Our Grounds Maintenance Residents Group carry out regular estate inspections on our green spaces, helping us make sure that we manage them in an effective, efficient an consistent manner - regardless of the geographical area.

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