Celebrating your influence and the changes you make

We've been celebrating Customer Voice Week 2023, a week where we highlight the differences you can make in your neighbourhoods.
We want your feedback and we want you to influence the way we do things here at the Trust. Customer Voice Week is all about you and your impact. So get in touch and see how we can improve your patch, together!


Rachel Marsland, Customer Voice Manager

Rachel, Customer Voice Manager at the Trust, smiling with an Easter egg. Rachel arranges our Easter egg event for customers.

During Customer Voice week 2023, we highlighted all the different ways our customers influence how things are done at the Trust. Whatever your interest or however much or little time you have, we have an opportunity for you. 

First, a favour

Customer Voice Week is now over. But we need your help. Please can you fill out this survey and tell us what you think of 'Customer Voice Week?

If you didn't see anything that we did for Customer Voice Week, that's okay too. Let us know anyway. We'll use the information to help us plan how to promote our services in the future.

Fill out the survey here


It's not too late to get involved

Maybe you're passionate about the environment and want to make sure the way we're maintaining our green spaces is effective and consistent.

Maybe you're passionate about what happens when our customers ring up with questions - then you could sign up to be one of our 'Mystery Customers'.

Maybe you have a bit more time and take a deeper dive into how you can improve things for customers at the Trust.

There are so many opportunities for you to make a difference on your patch. Keep an eye out on social media channels throughout Customer Voice Week 2023 and discover what you could do!

Register your interest in our opportunities here

Let us know how you'd like to get involved

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