A recent fire and a reminder to have contents insurance

A fire recently left a family with nothing. This is your serious reminder to buy contents insurance.

This blog was written by our Neighbourhoods Team Leader, Sue. Last edited 21 March 2024.

On a normal day in the office, Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service rang our call centre. They told us that there had been a fire in one our homes. The fire had ripped through the whole garage and there was smoke damage throughout the rest of the property.

Everyone along the street was evacuated. Thankfully, our customers who lived in the affected home were physically okay - but they were in disbelief about the damage.

A mum and her three children, some with additional needs, lived there. They had to stay with their family overnight whilst professionals looked at the extent of the damage.

The fire service boarded up the property. Our Neighbourhoods team got to work straight away with supporting the family who had lost everything.

The next morning, the family realised how bad the damage really was. They couldn't go back into the house. They only had the clothes they were wearing. 

With little sleep and panic setting in, our Neighbourhood Team advised the family that we could temporarily move them into another property - but it was completely empty, with no furniture or white goods.

Do you have contents insurance?


I asked on the call "do you have any contents insurance?". Our customer replied that, no - they had nothing. Nothing we could do or say would make this situation any easier.

Contents insurance can cost as little as £5 per month. With contents insurance, the family could have had the funds to buy their belongings again. Money won't buy important memories back - but contents insurance can buy back furniture, white goods, and the appliances that make it easier to start again. 

Luckily, we've been able to support this family. But we've only been able to offer help through donations and the support of charities, who provided clothes and household items. This has still taken weeks. The family won't be able to move back into their old home for months.

Never think 'this won't happen to me'

You never think this will happen to you. But in a case like this, contents insurance would have made all the difference. 

So many people suffer through floods and fires every year. Peaks & Plains, as your landlord, don't have contents insurance for you. You need to buy your own.

Talk to us

When you sign up for a tenancy with the Trust , our Neighbourhood Officer will talk to you about contents insurance. You can get in touch with your Neighbourhood Officer by emailing us at trust@peaksplains.org if you'd like more information.

Please don't forget to buy contents insurance. This is your sign to look into it today. 

Never, ever think 'this won't happen to me'.

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