Your tenancy

Your tenancy is the contract between you and us that allows you to live in your home. Find out what you can expect when you sign a tenancy agreement with us.

The Trust Tenant Charter

We will provide a safe, affordable and secure home, with quality landlord services.
You will keep to the terms of your tenancy agreement and pay your rent and charges in advance.

This means

  • Safety – Making sure you're safe and comfortable in your home
  • An Affordable Rent – we’ll charge a fair rent for the home that you live in. We make checks when you start your tenancy to make sure that it's affordable for you.
    If you get into financial difficulty with your rent, we will provide help and advice to support you
  • Secure – we’ll provide community safety services through our ASB team to make sure you and your family remain safe

You will

  • Understand and meet your responsibilities as set out in your tenancy agreement
  • Pay your rent and service charges in advance as agreed in your tenancy.

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