Your home

Your home is at the heart of your relationship with us. Working together, we’ll both make sure you can continue to enjoy it.

The Trust Tenant Charter

We will provide a safe, affordable, well-maintained quality home.

You will look after your home and do your bit to keep it in good condition.

We will make sure your home is:

  • Safe - All installations checked, tested and signed off meeting our Home Standard
  • Affordable - We will charge a fair rent for the home that you live in. We make checks when you start your tenancy to ensure that it's affordable for you.
    If you get into financial difficulty with your rent, we will provide help and advice to support you.
  • Well maintained - With 24/7 responsive repair service
  • Of good quality- Meeting our Home Standard.

You will:

  • Take good care of the property including reporting repairs and allowing access.

Find out more about you and your home

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