Our relationship

We’re proud to offer quality customer service and our relationship with you is important to us.

The Trust Tenant Charter

We will provide a quality customer service that is consistent, fair, respectful and with digital services for those that need to use them.
You will be fair and respectful to our staff and keep us up to date with your contact and household details.

This means

  • We have quality customer service – we’ll keep you informed and our professional, polite staff will aim to deal with any enquiries as soon as you contact us
  • We’ll be consistent, fair and respectful – we’ll treat you as an individual, provide a fair and equal service, and take care with your personal information
  • We will offer digital services – we’ll provide digital services to make dealing with us and managing your tenancy easy and convenient.

You will:

  • Be fair and respectful to our staff and contractors. When we visit your home make sure it is safe, clean and smoke-free
  • Keep us up to date on your mobile number, email and changes to your household details
  • Use our digital services when convenient for, helping us to respond quickly and work efficiently for you.

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