Our values

Here at the Trust we pride ourselves on creating a working environment where everyone feels valued.

Our values guide how we operate. They make it clear the behaviours that we expect and require for the Trust to be successful. Our behaviours embed our core values into the daily work and activities of our staff.

We are one team with one goal

We are open and honest with each other so that we can work together to make things better for our customers and the Trust. We do not work in silos.

We are solution focused

We come up with ideas and find answers and efficiencies wherever we can. When we mess up, we say sorry, learn from it, fix it and crack on. We act and keep things moving.

We are customer focused but business minded

We take pride in our homes and our work, and we give our customers the service and value for money we'd expect ourselves. We always try to do more with less.

We are reliable and do the right thing

Even when no-one is looking, we speak up if something doesn't feel right - even when that means a tricky conversation. We don't leave loose ends or unfinished work for someone else to sort out. 

We are respectful and celebrate our differences

We are fair and we respect our differences so that we all thrive and feel at home - at work.