Scrutiny Panel - Planned and responsive repairs

We wanted to know how to improve our repairs service. Here's what you told us - and how we used your comments to improve the way that do repairs in your home.

Planned and responsive repairs - your recommendations

On 23 March and 30 March 2021, 7 customers met on Microsoft Teams to discuss responsive and planned repairs. Here's how we've been carrying out the recommendations. 

All the recommendations from this Scrutiny Panel have been put in place. This Scrutiny is 100% complete.

All the recommendations from this Scrutiny Panel have been put in place. This Scrutiny is 100% complete.

You asked us to look at how we manage our subcontractors, and make sure that their work is up to the right standard. 

We're currently finding new suppliers, who will provide services for the Trust - things like drainage, roofing, damp and metalwork.

The Trust will choose most of it's suppliers through a system that considers what standards we expect, within what time frame, right first time targets and sanctions for poor performance.

By April 2022, we will have made significant progress in finding our new subcontractors. 

You wanted us to check our repairs before and after they are completed, so we can make sure that they are up to the right standard. 

We already check the work before we complete the repair, and we showed the Scrutiny Panel how we're planning to check repairs after they're complete too. 

We haven't started to check repairs after they have been completed yet. This is because some of our staff are self-isolating from Covid-19.

We're hoping to start carrying out these checks in April 2022.

You wanted us to work with you to create service standards for our repairs service - including how we deal with no access visits and how we book follow up visits. 

We've drafted our repairs services standards, and it's been shown to the Scrutiny panel for feedback - which has been positive overall. 

We're now looking at how we will show customers these repairs service standards and this is being reviewed by our Executive team. 

The services standards are likely to be put in place by April 2022 and this will help us give customers a clear and consistent repairs service.  

You asked us to continue putting in controls with our contractor Orbis, who manage our out of hours calls. You wanted to make sure that you were receiving the same standard as calls you made during normal office hours. 

We already monitored our calls with Orbis, and we'll continue to do so. We regularly catch up with our contractor and look at their performance reports. 

Orbis had a severe staff shortage at the start of the year - their performance has since improved. 

You asked us to outline exactly what you can expect from our operatives in the Trust Tenant Charter - both our staff and our contractors. 

The Trust fully supports this and is looking at how we can do this, and how we can include our expectations from you too.

You asked us to look at how we can improve the software we use to manage your repairs, so that we can look at improving our communication with you, especially 'on our way' texts and other reminders.  

It has been challenging to find a way to action this. So, we're reviewing this software as part of a wider project involving a range of teams at the Trust and some external teams too. 

So far, we're looking at how you report repairs so that we have a better understanding of the system - and the steps that we've taken so far are having a positive impact on the service.

You asked us to offer operatives an induction and refresher programme on our customer service expectations, how to follow to all relevant processes, and training on how their role impacts other business areas - like planning. 

We already have an induction programme in place, but this wasn't made specifically for our operatives who work face to face with customers. 

We are working with our Learning and Development, Health and Safety, and Human Resources teams to make sure that these changes are made.

You asked us to have a look at how we collect feedback and how we take action on it. You wanted us to make sure that unhappy customers are contracted about their issue, so they don't have to follow up the problem themselves. 

A lot of improvement has already been made in this area and satisfaction with the repairs service - according to TLF, who carry out surveys with our customers once a year - stays at a high 86%. 

However, we have employed another inspector and this will make sure the trust can monitor the standard of our service more closely. 

You asked us to prioritise customers who hadn't been in contact with us for a long time, and use this as an opportunity to check on the property and customer needs. 

We think that this is a great idea - but it will need all teams across the Trust to get involved, so it will be brought up at the next date when all relevant personnel are brought together. 

You asked us to improve how we record your complaints. You wanted us to record more detail, so we know exactly what is wrong.

We've been working on improving how we measure our performance over the last 12 months and we are going to continue working on this. It's a large piece of work and this is likely to carry on until the end of 2022. 


Find out about each of our responsibilities for planned and responsive repairs, emergency repairs, rechargeable repairs and also gas servicing.

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