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We wanted to know how to improve our services. Here's what you told us - and how we used your comments to make the way we work even better.

What is Scrutiny?

We invite our customers to join a Scrutiny Panel. These take place around twice a year.

This is where you focus on one of our service areas (eg grounds maintenance, repairs, anti-social behaviour) and you recommend how we can improve that service. 

Here are our most recent Scrutiny Panels - along with the panels' recommendations. 

Join our Scrutiny Panel

We're always looking for people to be apart of our next Scrutiny Review. Let us know if you'd be interested in finding out more.

Anti Social Behaviour Scrutiny Panel: Spring 2023

Our latest Scrutiny Panel looked into our anti social behaviour service, which covers how we deal with a range of unacceptable behaviour in our communities.

Cost of Living Scrutiny Panel: Winter 2023

This Scrutiny review looked at how we are supporting our customers through the cost of living crisis. Here are the recommendations our panel made.

Sign-up Process Scrutiny Panel: Spring 2022

A group of our customers and leaseholders investigated our sign up process and made a series of recommendations to improve how we do things here at the Trust. Take a look at their recommendations.

Grounds Maintenance Scrutiny Panel: Autumn 2021

Members of our community talked with our grounds maintenance team to improve the way we look after our green spaces. Read what was recommended.

Planned and Responsive Repairs Scrutiny Panel: Spring 2021

Our customers took a deep dive into our planned and responsive repairs service, seeing what we could do better. Take a look at what's happened since.

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