Service Standard - Your responsibilities

Our Service Standard covers repairs and maintenance of your home. It makes it clear what your responsibilities when it comes to looking after your home.

We want to provide you with a really good experience - and to keep your home in good condition so that you can be happy and proud of where you live. Here is what you can expect from us. 

What you are responsible for

  • Taking care of your home and garden.

  • Reporting any repairs or damage to your home, including external and shared areas as soon as you notice them.

  • Letting us in to your home to carry out repairs, inspections, maintenance and annual servicing.

A certain amount of wear and tear is inevitable, you are responsible for minor repairs such as:

  • Minor wall and ceiling plaster work defects i.e. skim coat, small holes less than 1cm, cracks less than 5mm wide, cove mouldings, etc.

  • Broken or damaged glazing (where the damage is caused by you, any other person residing in, or visiting the home, including members of the family) If subject to a crime, you must provide a crime reference number.

  • Damaged internal doors, handles and hinges that are not considered fair wear and tear.

  • Replacement of light bulbs, fluorescent strips, starter motors and fuses in appliances (with the exception of sealed units in the bathroom).

  • Replacing lost keys, and the replacement of locks due to key loss.

  • Toilet seats.

  • Replacement of plugs and chains for sinks, baths and washbasins, and of bathroom fitments (such as toilet roll holders, towel rails, shower curtain and rail).

  • Blocked sinks, washbasins, showers and baths. (If the blockage is affecting more than one component, we are responsible).

  • Bath panels (If a bath panel has been damaged due to a leak or during access to complete a repair, we will repair/replace it.)

  • Bleeding radiators.

  • Internal decorations.

  • Repair or replacement of hard wired or battery doorbells.

  • Repair or replacement of security lights, burglar alarms or other security devices.

  • Replacement of mastic sealant to sanitation items such as bath and sinks etc.

  • Door changes to accommodate carpets including re-fixing of any draught excluders. (You must not alter a fire door).

If you or a visitor damages your home on purpose or by accident, you will need to pay for that repair. If subject to a crime, you must provide a crime reference number.

Remember, if you miss an appointment because you aren't in you will need to contact us to log the repair again. 

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Repairs and the law

As a minimum we will always undertake repairs as set out in Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, this includes managing any Health & Safety risks. We also have a legal obligation to do any repairs as specifically described in your tenancy agreement.

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