3 ways we're taking safety seriously

We're committed to prioritising safety in all the work that we do. This is how we're making sure that safety comes first in our building work.

In June 2021, we signed up for the Together with Tenants Charter. We wanted your input too, so we asked you what our most important commitment to you and your homes would be.

You told us that making sure you and your family were safe in your homes was key - so, almost a year on, we've made great strides in keeping our homes as safe as they can be. This is just three of the things we've achieved.

1. Building a Safer Future Charter

We've signed up to the Building a Safer Future Charter, which is a a set of commitments that will help us create a culture that always prioritises safety. You can read more about the charter here.

2. We've improved how we look after our data

You might remember us calling or emailing you and asking that you update your personal details. This has been a huge project for us and it's meant that every piece of information we hold on you is correct and up-to-date - this means we can make all the right decisions for the safety of you and your home. 

3. We've been nominated for the Building Safety Award

We have been shortlisted for the Building Safety Award by the Northern Housing Consortium for our work on improving compliance. We've completely transformed the way that we store your data, going above and beyond in our attitude to keeping you and your homes safe. 

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