Equality, diversity and inclusion

We want to be recognised as a Trust that celebrates differences and embraces diversity. Our purpose is to provide safe homes and thriving communities through our commitment to inclusion and equality. Read on to hear about our EDI strategy.

The EDI Strategy was approved by the Board in September 2023 together with an action plan. Take a look at some of our main points - or have a read of our full strategy using the link below.

What do we mean by equality, diversity and inclusion?

  • Equality: Ensuring that everyone has access to equal opportunities by removing barriers.

  • Diversity: Including and involving people from diverse backgrounds.   

  • Inclusion: Creating an environment where everyone feels valued and welcome. 


Our four key themes:

Our themes focus on four main areas: Our customers, our colleagues, working collaboratively in our communities and embedding EDI into our culture here at the Trust. Take a look under each heading to discover more... 


During the first year of our strategy, we have succeeded in meeting our initial objectives and actions. This has included holding monthly EDI forums and running community consultations with customers. 

We aim to provide equitable services and be seen by our customers as fair and empathetic. We will continue to work proactively with our customers to ensure that our services are user-friendly and inclusive of needs. 


We want to be recognised as an employer of choice and inclusivity - celebrating differences and embracing diversity. 

We have a shared vision to make the Trust a diverse and inclusive place to work. Ensuring to carefully consider the homes and services that we provide for our customers. 


Our purpose is to work together to provide safe homes and thriving communities. We will encourage inclusion and build constructive relationships within our communities, tackling anti-social behaviour rooted in prejudice and discrimination. 

Engage with and support community groups and events by encouraging our staff to participate in volunteering activities within our communities. 


The overall success of an organisation is directly linked to a true and lasting commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. We are committed to our value of respecting and celebrating our differences. 

Role model our values, embrace EDI and ensure it is embedded throughout our culture. 

We have a three year action plan...

  • Establish and understand: Setting targets and agreeing actions. Understanding how we can use the data we have to deliver change. 

  • Embed: Make an inclusive workplace and culture part of our brand - embedding EDI into everything we do. 

  • Lead: Be recognised as an inclusive employer and be able to demonstrate best practice in EDI. 

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