Your feedback on our strategic plan

Throughout July and August 2022 we spoke to our customers, staff and partners to work out how we might change and improve our services and shape our new strategic plan for 2023-28.

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We wanted to involve as many people as possible in shaping our future plans. Most importantly we wanted to hear from you - here's how it went.

How we involved customers and encouraged them to 'Join the conversation'.

  • We emailed 4,745 customers asking them to fill in our survey and offer their comments.

  • We sent a reminder as part of our quarterly newsletter to 3937 addresses.

  • We invited families on the Moss Estate in Macclesfield to our Fun Day (467).

  • We invited all customers to attend our drop in sessions across Macclesfield, Knutsford and Wilmslow, offered online alternatives and promoted them across social media.

  • We enlisted help from everyone who has offered to get involved digitally.

  • We put up posters and offered paper versions to anyone who wanted them.

Who got involved?

  • 104 people came to our events.

  • 120 customers submitted the survey.

  • 15 were invited to have their say at a leaseholder meeting.

  • We spoke to ten Challenge Group members.

  • We spoke to all of our staff and Board and contacted around 100 community and business partners.

What did you tell us?

The range of views was really wide, but there were some common themes. Here are the statements in our survey that mattered most to you.

How you thought we should 'Be a great landlord'

  • "Invest in your home to make it comfortable, safe and affordable."

  • "Maintain and repair your home, being clear about what we will do and when we will do it."

How you thought we should be a 'Resilient organisation'

  • "Make sure our colleagues are well-equipped to do the right thing for our customers and the Trust."

  • "Use our resources to make sure you get value for money for your rent."

How you thought we should 'Create great places to live'

  • "Provide affordable homes that are right for our business, our customers and our neighbourhoods."

  • "Work with you, and trusted partners, to support your health and wellbeing."

About getting involved

  • We asked: What would encourage you to get involved with how the Trust is run?
  • You said: Seeing proof that my views are listened to an acted on.

About our purpose

There were no negative comments about our newly proposed purpose:

"Working together to provide safe homes and thriving communities."

Here are some photos from our events

Get involved

We listened to what you told us and we have created a new section of our website that focuses on your views and your voice.

Why not take a look and see the ways that your view have shaped the Trust?

Got a question about our 'Join the conversation' campaign?  Email

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