Statement about the loss of power to homes at the top of Countess Road on 11 October 2021 (10.30 am to 7.20 pm)

Find out what caused this outage to a handful of homes and read out our plans to move this project forward.

The work that led to this loss of power was to disconnect the last remaining bungalows from the network before they are demolished.

Why is this work happening?

We have plans to build 29 high-quality affordable homes on that site.

See the proposed plans for Ivy Road

What happened on the day?

Our contractor, BGS, worked closely with Electricity North West (ENWL) to disconnect the homes.


  • were on site all day on 11/10/21
  • had agreed the work based on their own network plans
  • had signed off the work and issued permits.

However, unfortunately, the information on ENWL's network plans was incorrect. It turned out that the homes at the top of the site were 'back fed' from the bungalows and power could not be maintained to the top of Countess Road.

What's next?

Our contractor is going to have to complete a diversion of the electric supply that runs across our land.

BGS has requested permits from the Council for the closure of the footpath between Ivy Rd and Countess Road.

They will do this during half term to minimise disruption – week beginning 25th October.

On completion of this work there will no longer be any ENWL network cables running across the Trust's land and the electric supply to the bungalows will be disconnected, allowing them to be demolished.


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