Anti-social behaviour - complaints about our service

If you've reported Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) and are not happy with the way we have dealt with it, you can make a complaint to us. You can also submit a complaint to your local council. This is called an ASB case review or Community Trigger.

We will review your complaint if you meet the following criteria.

  • You have given us an opportunity to investigate and resolve your reports.

  • We have not taken reasonable action to resolve your ASB reports.

  • You are not the perpetrator of Anti-Social Behaviour

  • We are not taking legal action against you for Anti-Social Behaviour - (in such cases we advise that you take independent legal advice)

  • Your reports are constituted as Anti-Social Behaviour - find out more about what we mean by ASB

  • There is evidence of Anti-Social Behaviour (if applicable)

You can also ask your local council to review your ASB case (if it meets the relevant criteria).

This is called the ASB Case Review (also known as the Community Trigger).

Cheshire East

Derbyshire Council

Following up your complaint with the Trust

If after exhausting the Trusts formal complaints process, you are still dissatisfied with how we have handled your complaint, you can ask for your case to be reviewed externally by the Housing Ombudsman Service (HOS.)

You can do this by approaching them yourself if you prefer, ask a Designated Person (Local Councillor, MP or a member of our tenant panel) to do this on your behalf.

Email the complaints team for more information -

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