Tenancy fraud

Tenancy fraud is a criminal offence. Take a look at what tenancy fraud is, the signs to look out for and how you can confidentially report your concerns.

We take tenancy fraud seriously.

Our customers must live in the home they rent from us as their main home. You cannot rent out your house, even for short periods of time. You can however, ask in writing for approval to take in a lodger whilst you remain in the home.

What is tenancy fraud?

A customer rents out their home without their landlords knowledge or permission.

A person gets a home by giving incorrect information on their housing application.

Where a resident dies and someone tries to take over or succeed the tenancy when they are not entitled to.

A resident is paid to pass on their keys in return for payment.

A resident stops using their tenancy as their main or principal home, they then allow another person to live there without the landlord's permission. 

A customer or resident makes a Right to Buy or Right to Acquire application and gives incorrect information in their application.

What are the signs of tenancy fraud?

Please tell us if:

  • you know someone has another tenancy somewhere else. 
  • you see unfamiliar people coming and going from the property.
  • you suspect that someone is not using their home as they should be.
  • you notice unusual activity at a property such as people coming and going with suitcases or large bags.


Report tenancy fraud

Please give us as much detail as possible. The more information, the better chance we have at putting a stop to tenancy fraud.

If you suspect it, report it.

Street name, house number etc

Please try to give as much information as you can, including names, dates etc

E.g. vehicles used at the address

All the information that you give us is treated in the strictest confidence. All complaints of tenancy fraud will be investigated. 

The Trust has the right to take legal action and evict anyone committing tenancy fraud. A court can order that any monetary profit from the fraud is paid back to Peaks and Plains and the customer can be prosecuted for related criminal offences. They will be considered intentionally homeless by their action and this will make it difficult for them to find a new place to live.

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