Electrical safety - How we keep you safe

We carry out regular electrical maintenance check to our tenants' homes, but we can't do it alone. When your appointment comes around, please let us in. Here's why.

We check the electrical installation in your home at least every 5 years (and in communal areas too).

We look for signs of wear and tear, overheating and damage, so we can put it right.

Electrician carrying a ladder

Who is responsible for electrical safety checks? 

As your landlord, we are.

You are responsible for letting us in to the do checks – as outlined in your tenancy agreement. 

If you are due an electrical safety check we will contact you. Please don’t ignore us. We want to work with you to find a good time visit so that we can keep you safe. 

What happens when we do our routine electrical maintenance check? 

When we visit to check the electrics in your property we will: 

Take a close look at your electrics, checking: 

  • The electrical intake (where the electricity enters your home, near to the consumer unit/fuse box) 
  • The consumer unit 
  • The main protective bonding (which connects pipework with the electrics in your home)
  • Fixtures and fittings (such as light fittings and sockets) 
  • The state of wires and cables 

We will also carry out a number of specialised tests and any necessary electrical repairs. 

Who comes to do the checks?

We will send a skilled electrician to do all the checks. They will write up what they find in an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). 

How long will it take?

Please allow up to 4 hours.

If you have a credit meter, please make sure you have enough credit on it.

Is this check really necessary?

Yes, here's why.

  • 26% of all social housing properties don't have the Government's recommended five electrical safety features installed.
  • In 2018-19 fires started by faulty electrics lead to 317 deaths or injuries.
  • 9% of all fires are caused by problems with wiring, cabling or plugs.
  • In 2018-19 688 people visited A&E as a result of an electric shock. 
  • We want to keep you, your home and hour neighbours safe - and it's the law.

Request an electrical safety check

Problems with your electrical supply

Contact Electricity North West if you are:

  • Experiencing a problem with the electricity supply in your area or a power cut
  • Need information on electricity meters or,
  • Wish to report a safety issue or incident
  • To check who is responsible for the electrical supply to your home or building you can also call 105.

Website: www.enwl.co.uk

Phone: 0800 195 4141

Emergency electrical issue

0800 012 1311

Electricity North West
0800 195 4141

Electrical emergencies

However, if you are experiencing an emergency electrical issue in your home please call the Trust on 0800 012 1311.

Examples of emergency electrical repairs include:

  • Unsafe or sparking electrical sockets or fittings.

  • Lights out in all communal stairs.

  • Total loss of power to the home.

  • Total loss of all lighting or all sockets.

  • An electrical fitting in contact with water or an unsafe electrical fitting.

  • A faulty smoke detector.

  • A carbon monoxide alarm sounding.

Electrical safety advice