Range court recycling trial

From February 2021 residents at Range Court, Hurdsfield, will have access to recycling bins. Here's how it will work.

From February, two new recycling bins will be outside with the other large wheelie bins and clearly marked.

This is part of a trail project. If it's successful we'd like to provide the same service for Pennine Court residents. 

They will be emptied by the Council every other week.

What you can put in your new recycling bin:

  • Newspapers, magazines, paper and cardboard
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Flexible plastic bottles
  • Cartons (eg juice or food)
  • Tin, cans and foil
  • Empty aerosols (eg shaving foam, polish)

Council advice on what can be recycled

You must only put general waste down the chute inside your building.

This recycling project at Range Court is a trial scheme for Peaks & Plains and we’re keen that it goes well.

So, please...

  • Don’t mix up recycling with general waste – if the bins are contaminated the Council won’t empty them.
  • Don’t let recycling build up in your flat, on landings or next to the bins outside. This could easily cause a fire risk. Why not bring a bit down with you each time you go out?

Bin business as usual

Our Estates Team will continue to sanitise the bins on their walk-arounds and they have increased their cleaning rota during the pandemic.

But please do remember to wash your hands before and after using the bins.

If all goes well, we hope to provide Pennine Court with a similar service as soon as possible.

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