Satellite and digital TV

Live in a house and need to install an aerial or satellite? Here's what you need to do.

Applying for a TV / internet installation or upgrade


If you live in a block with a communal TV Aerial system, the Trust only commits to providing free-to-view services. If you want to subscribe to other pay-to-view services (like Sky Q), you will need to do this through a tablet, phone, or other media.

If you require a dish that is larger than 70cm (to receive programmes in other languages), you must first get planning permission. Your satelliteĀ or aerial must then be positioned in a way that minimises its visual impact and it must be removed when you no longer need it.

Similarly, we cannot give permission to install a satellite dish if:

  • Your property is rendered (i.e. your brickwork is not exposed or is covered)

  • Your property is part of a new development (within 12 months of being built)

Complete the form at the bottom of this page

Our Asset Surveyor will look at your application within ten working days. We'll then let you know the outcome. If you didn't give us the right information, we'll also let you know what additional details we need.

You are responsible for maintaining any digital equipment installed during your tenancy.

Any damage caused during the setup/ installation of a satellite or TV aerial is your responsibility, so it may result in a chargeable repair.

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By block, we mean a large building which has more than one home inside it.

If you're not sure, that's okay - just let us know that.

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