Lessons learned

Sometimes things go wrong and we want you to tell us when they do. This is because we want learn from our mistakes, and do our best to prevent them from happening again.

Last month, we learned:

After you told us that our weed spraying wasn't quite right, we spoke to our contractors to see what was happening. They are now going to make sure that all the nozzles on their sprays are working properly before killing weeds. This should prevent any more accidental damage to grass. 


You told us that we hadn't communicated properly about when we were carrying out a repair in your home.

We will let you know when we are coming to the property. When this didn't happen last month, that was because we had a new staff member. We've reviewed our training to make sure that this doesn't happen again. 

If your neighbour sends us a complaint about something that you're doing, we'll work hard to give you a call first about the issue. If we can't reach you, then we'll send a letter. This means that we should, ideally, get to have a conversation straight away about the problem.

We carry out inspections to keep your home safe. We need to make sure that we tell you what will happen after an inspection, but last month there was a mistake on our behalf and this didn't happen for one of our customers. We've changed our system slightly to make sure that we always follow up with you about our inspections. 

Lots of problems have similar causes - a lack of hot water, for example, is often caused by an issue with the boiler. But not always. 

We have learned to ask the right questions so we don't misdiagnose the problem. We won't assume we know why something in your home isn't working - we'll ask the right questions to find the true cause. 

You let us know when our live chat wasn't working and we've put measures in place to make sure that it doesn't happen again. 

We weren't fully staffed, so we needed to remove the service for a little while. When we have finished recruiting for a customer experience team, live chat will be back up and running. One Customer Advisor will be solely responsible for live chat and this will keep wait times much lower than they have been.

Sometimes there are delays to our repairs - for example, due to the Suez crisis, we couldn't buy materials for repairs.

Whatever the reason for the delay, we will let you know why it's happening.

If something goes wrong, we learned not to assume your motive for telling us. This means that we can both get the right outcome as quickly as possible.

We record your details in a secure database which we should always check and refer to when you contact us - this makes sure that we can always give you the right service. When this didn't happen, we edited the database to make sure it showed your needs more clearly to staff.

Get involved

Have your say on our services and influence decision-making across the Trust. There are lots of different ways to get involved - we're making it easier for you to tell us how we are doing and how we can improve.

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