Lessons learned

Sometimes things go wrong and we want you to tell us when they do. This is because we want learn from our mistakes, and do our best to prevent them from happening again.

Here are some examples of our most recent ‘lessons learned’:

Sometimes we ask contractors to visit your home for a repair or to carry out other necessary work. You told us that sometimes, our teams and/or contractors have turned up without all the information – for example, if you’ve told us that you’re actually picking up the kids and won’t be home.  

We’re working closely with both our teams and our contractors to create a better way of sharing information, and this will also make sure that our contractors are working to the Trust’s standards.  

You told us that sometimes you weren’t 100% happy with your repair. So, we’ve created better ways to record and act on your feedback: 

  • We’re inspecting more repairs when they’re complete, to make sure they’re up to the right standard.  
  • When you have planned work completed on your home (eg a walk-in shower) we’ll make sure that somebody checks the quality of the work.  
  • You can now add feedback to a completed repair on My Account – if that’s where you first logged it 

Grass cutting was delayed in some of our green spaces this year. This was because our grounds maintenance contractors were struggling with both Covid-19 and staffing problems. Our contractor’s will catch up with the work once they’re fully staffed.  

Since we received complaints about our grass cutting services, our Challenge Group chose to discuss grounds maintenance services at the Scrutiny Panel. The Scrutiny Panel is a group of our customers who get together and consider one service that the Trust carries out, and they discuss what works well and what needs improvement.  

The panel made 11 suggestions that could improve our grounds maintenance service for customers, and you can find out more about these here. 

You told us that it sometimes took a while to sort out a problem because it sat between a few teams. This meant you were dealing with different departments and repeating the same information.  

We’ve set up weekly meetings between teams, where complaints overlap. This means that it will be clear who customers need to contact.

We’ve added and fully trained staff for our Contact Centre. Recently, waiting times on the phones and responses by email have significantly reduced.  

We’ve also updated the message on our phone line. It’s shorter and clearer, so you’re not waiting as long when you call us.

If there’s a problem, we’ll do our best to call you first. Then, if we need to, we’ll send you a letter

Get involved

Have your say on our services and influence decision-making across the Trust. There are lots of different ways to get involved - we're making it easier for you to tell us how we are doing and how we can improve.

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