Problems paying your rent

If you’ve fallen behind or are having trouble paying your rent - let us help.

Your rent pays for most of the services you get from us, such as repairs and home improvements. As a customer, it’s your responsibility to make sure you pay your rent on time.

We have several convenient ways for you to pay your rent. And if you do experience difficulties paying your rent, we’re here to help you.

We understand that there are other important things you need to spend your money on, such as bills and food.

If you’ve fallen behind or are having trouble paying your rent, contact us, we can help.


If you’re in rent arrears

If you do find yourself in rent arrears, we’ll either write to you, call you or visit you to discuss how you can pay your arrears in affordable amounts.

If you don’t keep to this arrangement and reduce your arrears we will take legal action to take possession of your home by serving a ‘Notice of Seeking Possession’.

This means that if you don’t pay your arrears or agree a repayment plan with us, we’ll apply to the County Court for a possession order.

If we have to take you to court, you’ll be responsible for paying £325 for the court costs, and the judge will also order you to pay your weekly rent and arrears by instalments each week.

The judge might also grant us immediate possession of your home, which means you will need to leave.

You’ll also be given a County Court Judgement.

If you continue to miss payments, we’ll apply for an eviction warrant and you could lose your home.

Eviction is always our last option when we have tried all other options.


For independent advice go to our debt advice page.


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