This year’s rent letter

Every year our tenants get a rent letter explaining any changes. This April your rent will go up by 2.7%.

When you get your rent letter at the beginning of March 2020 you’ll see an increase of 2.7%. 
Here’s a short explanation of what the increase is all about, how we came up with the figure and where your rent goes.

Over the last four years the Government told housing associations like Peaks & Plains that they should cut their rents by 1% each year, which is what we did.

This year they have confirmed that rents should go up by the rate of inflation, which is 1.7 per cent plus a 1 per cent increase. So 2.7% in total.

You’ll find out what your new rent is when you get your annual rent letter. In our Q&As (below) you can read more about how we work out your rent and your service charges.

There’s also important information on what you need to do next to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

If you claim Universal Credit (UC)

This is important.

You need to make sure that the Department for Work and Pensions knows about this change to your rent so that they can adjust your payments. Unfortunately, we can’t do that for you.

From 6 April you need to update your online account with your new rent and service charges. You need to do this within 14 days of your rent changing. (The date on your rent letter.)

To do this, log in to your UC online account and in ‘where you live and what it costs’ input the new rent figures given to you in your letter. Then check your journal to confirm that it shows you have done this.

If you forget, do this as soon as possible. If you do not, you risk receiving an incorrect payment and falling behind on your rent.

Online journal link:

Then you’ll need to increase your payments to us. Contact the income team and we’ll help with this or call our Freephone number 0800 012 1311  

Do we need to increase the rent?

We have given the rent increase a lot of thought and discussed it with our tenants and with our Board.
We need to be able to provide all the things we promised in our Five Year Plan, but we also want to make this increase as manageable and fair as possible.

Remember any extra (surplus) money that we raise through rents goes straight back into providing services (eg repairs), improvements to our homes or building new homes.

Help is at hand

If you have a question or if you are struggling to pay your rent we want to help.  We have a team that can give you advice on benefits, money management and support you when things change in your life.

Alternatively, there is advice and support available from the local Citizens Advice.

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