Statement about our Contact Centre - May 2021

Waiting on the phones too long? Here we explain why and what we're doing to improve.

Why is the Trust so slow to answer the phone at the moment?

It’s a mixture of things and we are confident that we can put all of them right, but it will take time.

  • We’re taking on new staff for our contact centre and it takes time to train them – the person who trains has to come off the phones to teach them the ropes.
  • We have low, unplanned staff numbers – so fewer people to answer the phones.

What are you doing to improve call wait times?

  • We have enlisted the help of staff across the Trust to help with taking calls where possible.
  • Based on customer feedback we have changed our answer message to explain the call wait time.
  • We have moved staff away from other channels (eg live chat and email) to take calls instead.
  • Our supplier, which handles weekend and evening calls, has told us that they too are struggling with the volume of calls they get in evenings and weekends.
    We are working closely with them to improve on their service.
  • Our involved tenants and senior leadership team are well aware of this poor service and they are committed to improve on the call-wait times.

Is there a quicker way to get help?

  • If you know your tenancy reference number you can book and track a routine repair at any time – without having to wait.
  • More and more of our customers are moving on to this much quicker way to get their jobs logged.
  • You can find your tenancy reference number on your rent letter from us - or you can fill in this quick form.

  • My Account – link
It’s clear that we need to improve our call wait times, and I'm satisfied that we have the right plans in place to make things much better, but it will take time. I’m grateful for the patience that customers are showing while we work to improve this part of our service.

Emma Richman – Director of Customers

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