Are you burning solid fuel?

We'll never put a log burner in your home - and you shouldn't add a log burner to your home either. But, if you already have one and can't avoid using it, then you need to make sure you're using it safely.

With the cost of living rising, some people are turning to log burners or - even more dangerously - open fires to avoid using their electric or gas appliances. Appliances that need coal, wood or another material that you add to burn are known as 'solid fuel burners'.

If you already have one of these in your homes, make sure you only burn fuel that is suitable for your appliance. Burning the wrong fuel, or damp fuel, can cause your fire to smoke. Smoke damages seals and fire backs, putting you and your home at risk. 

So, it's very important that you only use the fuel that you appliance advises you to use.

Our policy

The Trust will never add a solid fuel burner - like a log burner - to your home. It's also against your tenancy agreement to add your own solid fuel burner or, alternatively, opening up any old chimneys that need solid fuel.

Email us at if you would like a copy of our Gas Safety and Solid Fuel Policy.

Advice from the experts

Don't just take this from us. Read the information from the experts, Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service, who can give you more top tips for staying safe, whatever appliances you have.

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