Safety Alert! A real life situation putting you at risk

We found a genuine danger in one of our tenant's homes - here's how you can avoid putting yourself or your family at risk, straight from our Health & Safety Manager

Last updated March 2024For privacy reasons, we've changed the names of everyone involved. 

Charlie works for the Trust and she was out visiting Jane, one of our customers, for a routine visit. Whilst walking through Jane's home to sort the problem, Charlie noticed that Jane was putting herself at risk of an electric shock every time she used her bathroom. 

We'd turned Jane's outhouse into an extension of the house, which meant we could give Jane a wet room. But Jane, not realising the risks, had plugged in an extension lead and dragged it into the bathroom, so she could plug in two heaters and a floor standing lamp. Jane just hadn't noticed the risks.


Water conducts electricity. Whenever you mix water and your electrics, you're at risk of a pretty nasty shock: an electric shock.

- Paul Crossland, Health & Safety Manager

Jane already had a couple of safe, wall-mounted electric heaters in the bathroom. Charlie told Jane about the danger straight away and asked her to remove them, which she did. Jane agreed she'd never trail her electrics into her wet room again.

Key facts

  • Don't risk your life by mixing water with your electrics
  • We'll always tell you if we think something is dangerous - it might just save your life

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