Safeguarding - playing our part

When a staff member at the Trust became concerned about one of our customers, we were able to provide key support in moving towards a resolution.

Our Safeguarding Team received a referral from an Income Officer, who had noticed that a customer had stopped paying their rent and started to accrue arrears. The Income Officer visited the customer at home and noticed that her son appeared to be living at the address after being evicted from another property. He appeared to be controlling his mother's finances.

The Officer became concerned and suspected financial abuse.

What happened next?

  • A referral was made to Adult Social Care for suspected financial abuse.
  • An investigation was then started by Social Care and the Police, who also suspected domestic abuse. 
  • A second referral was received from one of our Contact Centre Advisors, who had received a letter giving permission for the son to take over any contact. The Advisor noted that the signature was very different from the one on file. 
  • Another safeguarding referral was also made to Adult Social Care. 

The result

On investigation, it was found that the customer had £19,000 in her bank account. Her son had bought two cars and had been withdrawing her pension. 

Her son has now been removed from the address and the investigation is continuing. The agencies are looking to recoup some of the money. 

This case demonstrates how, as a housing provider, we have been key in recognising and identifying safeguarding concerns. We were able to act accordingly to support our customer in moving towards a resolution. 

Thanks to our staff and all relevant agencies - you have made a real difference.


Report your safeguarding concerns

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