Your repairs from April 2021

How we plan to get our services back on track.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have not been able to deliver a normal repairs service.  

We know that this has impacted our customers and, for that, we’re really sorry.  

We are keen to start to get back to a normal service, but you’ll appreciate that this will take time.  

Dealing with the backlog

We are working through all your logged jobs - putting them in order according to when they were reported and how urgent they are. 

If you have reported a repair that has not yet been done, we will contact you to book an appointment. There is no need to get in touch again.  

How we'll get in touch with you

If we have your mobile number, we will text you an appointment. Otherwise, we’ll call your landline or send you an email with the arranged date.   

Repairs timescales from 6 April

We will be starting to take new repairs from 6 April.   

While we get back on track, these may take longer to complete - perhaps up to 90 days for routine repairs.   

For all heating or hot water faults – and for leaks that can be contained – our gas team will come out to you within 28 days.  

Reporting your repairs

You can still report your repairs online, but for now you won’t be able to pick a day and time. Instead, we’ll get in touch to agree a slot. 


As ever, you can report an emergency at any time.  

If your repair does not qualify as an emergency, you will be offered a suitable appointment depending on the urgency of your situation. 

We're in this together

If you have a repair that can wait, we’d really appreciate it if you can report it at a later date 

Thanks again for your patience. 

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