Repairs update - December 2021 to January 2022

Things are changing in response to the latest COVID-19 variant and government restrictions. From Monday 13 December we will only be accepting emergency and urgent repairs.

From Monday 13th December we will only be booking emergency and urgent repairs.

If your repair falls into one of those categories, get in touch. 

If you repair is not an emergency or urgent, please wait until 17th January when we will provide an update on our website.

Key points

  1. If you already have a repair booked, that’s fine. We’ll turn up as planned.
  2. If you have logged a repair, but you don’t yet have an appointment we’ll book you in for the next available slot and let you know when that will be.
    Unfortunately, we may take a bit longer than usual to get to you. (Please note that outside jobs may be delayed due to bad weather.)
  3. For now, we have turned off the ‘book a repair’ button for My Account, while we get our service back on track.

Why have you made this change to the repairs service?

This has been a very difficult decision.

But over the last 19 months the pandemic has had a big impact on the Trust and our ability to deliver a normal repairs service.

We returned to business as usual in April 2021, but we have continued to face difficulties with:

  • supply chain issues
  • staff absence due to Covid-19-related illness or isolation
  • handling the backlog of repairs left over from lock down.

Now we have some new challenges - the biggest one is the availability of staff.

New government guidelines covering the new Omicron variant mean that even our fully-vaccinated staff will need to self-isolate if they have come into contact with a confirmed case of the new variant.

Your questions answered

I have a non-urgent repair, when will you be able to come and do that?

Please don’t ring in. We will update you after 14th January when we are clearer about the latest government guidelines and how we plan to work within them safely.

This is a month without any repairs service – will I get any refund on my rent?

No – in the main, we are continuing to offer an emergency and urgent responsive repair service, we are just asking for patience regarding those repairs that we want to fix but will not directly affect you or your home in the short term.

Additionally repairs are just one repairs are just one of the services that we provide.

We hope to return to a normal repairs service as soon as possible. In the meantime, it’s key that we prioritise emergencies so that we can keep everyone safe.

Can I log a complaint about this?

We are making this change to our service to keep everyone safe and to follow government guidelines. We want to get back to business as usual as soon as we can.

In the meantime, this is temporarily our new standard for our repairs service. We can certainly log your dissatisfaction, but it’s we would only be able to consider your feedback as a complaint in exceptional circumstances.

What is the difference between an emergency and an urgent repair?

  • An emergency repairs is one that means that there’s an immediate threat to someone’s safety.
  • An urgent repair is one that you can manage for a short time, and which isn’t causing immediate danger, but it really needs sorting.

Can I talk to a manager about this?

Yes, of course. Please email and we’ll back in touch.

Is this going to keep happening?

We hope not, but this is largely out of our hands.

We’re working hard to keep customers and staff safe and to deliver a reliable service for urgent and emergency work.

We hope to get back on track as soon as we can, but for now this our priority and we’ll keep adjusting our service in response to the latest guidelines.

Key dates: Opening hours and services

We will review our position by 14th January 2022 and update our website on what will happen next.

Our out of hours repairs service for evening and weekends remains the same.

Monday 13th December 2021 to Thursday 23rd December 2021 Emergency & urgent repairs only
Friday 24th December 2021 (Christmas Eve) Close at 1pm (out of hours emergencies only)
Saturday 25th December 2021 (Christmas Day) to Monday 3rd January 2022 Closed – Out of hours emergencies only
Tuesday 4th January 2022 – Sunday 16th January 2022 Emergency & urgent repairs only
Monday 17th January 2022 Decision made on whether to resume a normal repairs service


Dealing with damp, mould and condensation

We still need to know about your damp, mould and condensation problems so that we can inspect the problem. 

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