Reducing repair times with JRB Construction

You’ve told us that you aren’t happy with the current waiting times for repairs. That’s why we are now working with a contractor called JRB Construction to get to your repair quicker.

Why is it taking longer to get my repair done?

Recently, we've had 29% more repairs reported to us than this time last year. This is having an impact on the service we deliver. 

For a planned repair - that's one you've reported to us and we've scheduled in - we now aim to do the work within 90 days. Without the help of JRB Construction, this would grow to 120 days.

Keeping you updated on your reported repair

If you have reported a repair that we haven’t given an appointment date for or your repair has exceeded our timeframes, we’ll be getting in touch by email or letter to let you know that JRB Construction will be completing your repairs.

If you currently have a repair booked with an appointment date this will not be affected and our in-house team will still deliver the service.

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