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Episode 4: Helping our customers

In this episode, we look at what we've done over the past month to help our customers gain a better understanding of computers and tablets, and how to get online, we talk about the 2014 Tenant's Christmas Lunch and we hear from Pete Pealing, our Community Partnerships Manager, who retires at the end of December.

Episode 3: Getting online

In this episode, we'll be talking to Helen Davies, Digital Inclusion Officer at Peaks and Plains Housing Trust about our efforts to help our customers get online. We'll talk to her about why it's important to be online at the present time, and how being online can make your life easier. She'll also talk about the various methods there are of getting online, as well as things to do while on the internet.

Episode 2: We're all ears

In this episode, we look back at this year’s Tatton Flower Show, plus we'll be keeping you up to date with our 'We're All Ears' campaign through Alicia Whittaker, our Customer Champion. We'll also give you information on our STAR Surveys, which some of you should have received by now, and we'll also be giving you the opportunity to have your questions and feedback addressed by our Chief Executive, Tim Pinder.

Episode 1: How we got here

In this episode we discuss how the idea of producing these podcasts came about, and how it fits with the Trust’s vision and values.


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