Our new Health & Safety Policy is live

Health and Safety Manager, Paul Crossland, explains the importance of this new policy and what you can do if you think we can improve the safety of our homes and services.

What is the importance of this policy?

Whilst having a formal Health and Safety policy is a legal requirement, we’re sharing it here to show the level of commitment from us to our customers. Managing our Health and Safety responsibilities well is a key part of how we strive to behave and will remain so.

We firmly believe that nobody should ever be hurt, or put in any danger of being hurt, as a result of the work that we do.

Is it for customers or for staff?

This applies to our staff, our contractors and even more so, to our customers. We want everyone to be safe, and to feel safe, as a result of your contact with the Trust.

If you feel we’re failing in this commitment, please let us know immediately and we’ll respond.

What is the Trust doing about health and safety?

Some of our repair works can be inherently dangerous; working with gas or electricity for instance carries risks due to their very nature. This is why we only use suitably trained and experienced personnel for these tasks; to make sure no one is put at risk. All of our activities are managed through risk assessments and 'safe systems of work' processes designed to identify and reduce our risks.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have continued to deliver our services to our customers to the best of our abilities, and have carefully considered how we can do so while minimising the risk of virus transmission between our workers and our customers, to keep everyone safe. This has included extra hygiene / hand sanitising, the wearing of facemasks, and by minimising face-to-face contact with our customers wherever possible.

Your safety remains our priority throughout the pandemic, and beyond.

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