Our contractors make site considerations for local autistic boy

Macclesfield-based contracting company, Novus, has adapted a construction site in Hurdsfield to accommodate the needs of a local autistic resident.

The site, which will see six new homes built for affordable rent for Peaks & Plains Housing Trust with a grant funded by Homes England, now has dedicated signs and pathways for 15-year-old Phoenix, who was having difficulty dealing with the noise and changing landscape outside his home.

In addition to the signage, Novus’ site manager took Phoenix and his mum on a tour of the site to introduce him to the contract staff and help him to understand the changes to come.

Phoenix’s mother, Stasia, who is co-founder of ASPIElutely Fabulous, an autism training and consultancy group, explained:


This build process within Phoenix’s immediate living environment has been challenging for him. Many autistic people find change difficult to navigate, especially if it is not explained or prepared for ahead of time. However, with this kind of construction, change is clearly unavoidable. The team have been so considerate of Phoenix’s distress once they were made aware of it. I’ve been so deeply impressed with their kindness, but also their great level of understanding of autism.

The adaptations made to address my son’s autism were not major undertakings for the team to make but crucially they were plenty to make an enormously positive impact on reducing his stress and anxiety. This team has wonderfully demonstrated how making reasonable adjustments can often be as simple as having open dialogue and consideration. We’d like to thank the team for being fantastic autism allies!”


Dean Povey, Build Operations Manager at Novus, said:


We understand that building work can be disruptive to local residents, and minimising this as much as possible is always our key priority. To receive this feedback is fantastic and a great demonstration that taking the time to engage with and listen to residents can have a positive impact. We’re extremely proud that the team has been able to make what could have been a very difficult experience for Stasia and her son a little easier.


Justine Gore, assistant director of development at Peaks & Plains Housing Trust, added:


It’s important to the Trust that any of our contracted partners work conscientiously with the local communities that surround our development sites to minimise impact on local residents where new affordable homes are being built to meet the local need.

We applaud Novus’s site team for their quick and considerate thinking once they were made aware of Phoenix’s needs and what would make him feel more comfortable while the necessary building work takes place. We’re glad to see he enjoyed his tour of the site and are proud of the Novus team for going above and beyond for Phoenix and his family.

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