National Apprenticeships Week 2019

Our HR apprentice, Georgia, puts straight some of the apprenticeship myths and tells us about the benefits of being an apprentice.

Apprenticeship benefits

  • Learn while you earn. You'll get a salary and even paid holiday.
  • Develop the skills and experience employers want.
  • Gain qualifications with the support of a mentor to achieve nationally recognised qualifications up to Degree level.


Myth busters

It's not a 'proper' job

You'll find and apply for apprenticeships just like you would for a regular job. Apprentices have rights and responsibilities, just like any other employee and as the aim is to prepare you to work full-time, you will be doing work that’s important to the business. What will be different is you’ll be receiving training while you work – which often includes a day each week doing classroom-based learning.

They're only for trade jobs

Apprenticeships are available in 1,500 occupations across 170 industries varying from construction to manufacturing through to HR (like mine!) and the creative and digital sectors.

I'll just be running around after people

Apprentices are given real work experience alongside industry professionals. Companies who offer apprenticeships have strict guidelines to follow. Everything you’ll be asked to do will be a part of your role and things that you’ll need to learn at some point to gain your qualifications. 

I'll get trapped in the same industry

Apprenticeships aren’t just available in a variety of industries but in different areas of a business too. Once you have completed an apprenticeship you can move into a different job. An apprenticeship will generally prepare you for a particular role or career path but it will also give you lots of transferable skills. If the apprenticeship takes you to a career that you love, then great. If not, there is nothing to say you can’t take your skills and use them elsewhere.

There is an age limit to apply for an apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are available to anyone over the age of 16, living in England. Whether you are looking to start a career or change your career direction, an apprenticeship could work for you.


An apprenticeship sounds perfect for me. What next?

You can:

  • Check on for apprenticeships near you
  • Watch out for updates on vacancies on our website
  • Speak with your local college and check our their websites

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