Letter to customers in Range and Pennine Courts

A letter to all our residents in Range and Pennine Courts from CEO Tim Pinder

Today there was a small, contained kitchen fire in one of our tower blocks in Macclesfield. Our Chief Executive Tim Pinder wrote to everyone in those blocks today to summarise what happened and to remind them of the safety procedures we have in place.

This what the letter said.

"I thought you would appreciate an update on the events that unfolded this morning.

What happened at Pennine Court on 27 September?

A fire alarm at Pennine Court went off in the early hours of Thursday morning. This is an alarm that goes directly to our Control which calls the fire brigade.

The fire brigade attended along with our on-call staff.

It was a small kitchen fire that didn’t spread beyond that room.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue have told us that both the building and fire alarm ‘worked’ as they would expect in an emergency and the incident was resolved very quickly.

Some residents have told us that they didn’t hear an alarm and this has caused concern.

To be clear the alarms do not sound throughout the building.

They are set up to comply with the ‘stay-put’ policy, which the Fire Service has designed and put in place for us. The alarms sound on the ground floor to alert anyone coming into the building that an alarm has been activated.

This explains why some residents might have heard the alarm and others did not.

Please remind yourself of the ‘stay-put’ policy, which you can find on each landing by the lifts.

The fire alarms are tested on a weekly basis and maintained and regularly serviced by a qualified, appointed contractor.

Yours sincerely

Tim Pinder"


If you have any further questions about fire safety please email trust@peaksplains.org.

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