Have your say week 🎉

This week, we're celebrating your involvement with the Trust. We have loads of opportunities for you to get involved and shape our services. Find something that suits you.
Our challenge group - tenants who give their opinions on our policies and suggest how to improve them.

What does 'getting involved' mean?

We want you to 'get involved'. This basically means that we want you to tell us what we do right, what we do wrong, and how we can make our services better for you. We want to make our neighbourhoods even greater places to live and for that, we need your help. 

How can I get involved?

Whatever your lifestyle, we have an opportunity that will suit you. 

  • Don't have much spare time? You can give us feedback as little or as often as you want. Receive surveys in your email inbox once a month or join a hot topic meeting by becoming a commentator.
  • Have a couple hours spare? Collaborate with us by joining one of our feedback groups.
  • Join our challenge group. Make new friends, share your thoughts, and develop new skills by meeting with our challenge group once every six weeks. 

We also work hard to get our customers unique training opportunities. Thinking about changing career, or getting fitter?

  • Join BeActive. It's a (free!) wellbeing programme for over 55s with a range of resources to keep your mind and body in tip top condition. 
  • Start your career in construction with a (free!) course.

How have we worked together over the last year?

We really want you to give us your feedback. When you tell us what you like and don't like about our services, we can make them even better. So, how have we done this over the last year?

  • We sent a communal cleaning survey to 821 customers and 43 customers responded. Thanks to your responses, we were able to improve the service - for example, we inspected 7 different blocks and our Estates Manager visited another 9 blocks to make sure that she understood your concerns. You can find out more about this here.
  • We sent 300 estates surveys out to our customers and received 43 replies, which helped inform our next grounds maintenance policy. 
  • We ran virtual meetings for 20+ leaseholders about sinking funds, where questions could be asked to senior managers at the Trust. 
  • We ran a gardening competition to celebrate how well you take care of your green spaces with £100, £50 and £25 gardening voucher prizes. 
  • We delivered over 100 winter parcels in December and 600 Easter eggs and daffodils in March to some of our customers who needed a little bit more help during the lockdowns. We aimed to reduce loneliness during a difficult period. 
  • We held virtual resident meetings in a range of neighbourhoods, like Range and Pennine Court and Ella Grove and Middle Walk. This meant that we could listen to you directly and hear your thoughts about topics like recycling. 
  • We held virtual resident meetings in places that we're redeveloping, like Ivy House and the surrounding areas. Feedback on our plans have helped improve our plans - at Ivy House, we even changed the types of homes that we want to be available. You can read more about our plans here.
  • We hold challenge group meetings, where 7 of our tenants regularly meet and provide feedback on our policies to our senior leadership team. 
  • We have recruited for Scrutiny - a feedback initiative where, over 4 sessions, you will help us improve our grounds maintenance service. This topic was chosen by our challenge group.
  • Last year, your feedback during our planned and responsive repairs Scrutiny review gave us 10 service improvement recommendations.

We listen to you and we want to keep hearing what you have to say. Sign up to get involved and make a difference on your patch today.


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