Out of hours emergency calls

Due to the pandemic, the team that answers the phones for out of hours emergencies is busier than usual at the moment.

We're sorry that you may have to wait longer on the phone when the office is closed (eg weekends and nights).
This is partly due to office staff self-isolating to keep everyone safe. Our maintenance colleagues are fit, healthy and ready to help.

Some other options

If you really do have an emergency then, of course, give us a call.

To save you holding on the phone too long, you will hear couple of options.

  1. A call back – just leave your contact details.
  2. The option to email your problem through to Orbis – who handle our out of hours calls - on emergencyrepairs@orbisprotect.com.

What is an emergency?

Here's a quick reminder. 
Emergencies we can help with out of hours include:

  • A suspected gas or carbon monoxide leak
  • A water leak that can’t be contained
  • Unsafe electrical sockets
  • No heating or hot water
  • A security risk (such as a smashed window or a door you can’t lock)

So if your call is not about an emergency please hang up and email trust@peaksplains.org. We will get back to you when we reopen.

If it is an emergency - we're here to help. 

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