What's your emergency - really?

We're really sorry, the team that answers our phones is busier than usual at the moment. If you don't have an emergency, skip the queues and contact us another way. Here's how.

First of all an apology

The time that our customers are waiting on the phone is far too long.

We are really sorry about that and we're working hard to put this right. In the meantime, we want to let you know how to skip the queues and how to keep emergency lines clear for those who truly need them. 

Skip the queues - day or night - for non-emergency jobs

Anytime, day or night you can use My Account to book or track a repair, change your details and pay your rent.  

No more waiting in a call queue. 

All you need is your Tenancy Reference Number, which you can find on your recent rent letter from us. 

Or by sending us a request

Freeing up our phones for the vulnerable

Here's a checklist of things that are classed as an emergency.  

Read it carefully, because if we are called out and it is not an emergency, we will charge you for the cost of the call out.  

While we work to get call-handling times down with our out-of-hours partner, please don’t let your call block the way of a vulnerable person who really does need urgent help. 

What is an emergency?

Here are some examples.  

  • There is a security risk to your home (eg a smashed window, external door not locking, or you are locked out). 
  • The only toilet in your home is blocked. 
  • You’ve got unsafe electrical sockets or fittings (including sparking). 
  • You’ve got an uncontainable leak. (If you can contain it using buckets, towels, bowls etc until our office reopens – then that’s not an emergency.) 
  • If, during the months of October to March, you have no heating or hot water.  
  • You’ve got a gas or carbon monoxide (CO) leak.  
    Contact Cadent immediately to arrange an emergency visit (0800 111 999).   
    (If a gas or CO leak is detected, Cadent will cap the gas. If you need remedial work after that, which is our responsibility, you need to contact us to report this.) 

If your call isn't an emergency, please get in touch with us using My Account

(You will need your Tenancy Reference Number to use My Account. You can find your on a rent letter from us or by submitting this form.)

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