The Trust works with Cre8

Together with Cre8, we have cleared up a garage site on the corner of Rutland Road and Moss Lane.

Rubbish has been removed, weeds have been pulled out, hedges have been trimmed, and mud has been shovelled. Thanks to the combined efforts of Cre8 and the Trust, the area is now much neater and more pleasant to walk through.   

However, the area isn't just tidier - Cre8 also use small projects like this to employ local young people.   

Work - earning by doing something constructive - is an important part of change within a young person’s life.  As it becomes harder for young people to find employmentevery opportunity to do meaningful work makes a real difference.  Through this type of mini project, a young person gains experience, learns vital employment skills, and grows their confidence by feeling useful.

Jonathan, who works at Cre8, reported that ‘we were very pleased when Peaks & Plains Housing Trust accepted our request to clear up this small piece of ground and agreed to take the rubbish away.  Not only does it allow us, as local residents, to make our community tidier, but it enables us at Cre8 to employ local young people to do so.  This sort of mini project makes a real difference in lots of ways. We are passionate about what we do and we are always on the look out for more opportunities.  We look forward to doing more projects like this with Peaks & Plains'.

Zak, a young person employed at Cre8, told us: 

I am proud of making the estate cleaner and happier

Emma Richman, Director of Operations at the Trust, responded that 'although this was a small project, we were delighted at being able to give a young person access to the working world'. 

Together, we can make a difference. 

If you’re a local business owner and want to be involved with social enterprise and giving young people opportunities to work, please contact Jonathan using the details below.

Contact details

Jonathan Aiken 

Tel: 07515410170



Facebook:  @cre8macclesfield 


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